Good News Thursday: 7th Edition

goodnewsthursdayHello, hello all.  Not gonna lie or sugar coat things here.  It’s been hectic.  It’s been tiring.  It’s been a heck of a lot of work, but you roll with it, right?  Day by day, one thing at a time…let’s just take a deep breath and do this!

I always remind myself we’re pretty lucky through it all. Mom took a few steps back after some progress, but we’re told it’s not unusual.  We went from me having to feed her, walk her to and from the bathroom, brushing her hair etc.  To her sitting up and eating, moving around on her own, back to me feeding her and holding her to move from place to place.  I just wanna swift kick germs in the face Chuck Norris style, or more hilarious yet – Steven Seagal slow mo’ style.

All that said – I know she’s going to get better so that’s good news in itself.  Not to mention the overwhelming response from all family and friends.  It’s so nice to know there’s a network of folks that surround you who genuinely care.  My heart bursts thinking about it!  I hope you’re all well – stay healthy friends!  If I can say anything it’s that.  I appreciate hospitals to no end, but at the same time am kiiiinda done with them.  I wonder why they bother with clocks in these joints?  There’s no need to factor in concept of time…kinda like a casino.

Anyhow I’m hoping you’ve all had fabulous weeks so far, and are going into an even better weekend! Hugs and high fives!


momRemember when I said I was tired and exhausted, but by Thursday I was back into a routine from Raisins’ stay in the hospital. Welllll I spoke to soon.  I’m tired again, exhausted, and things are all over the place.  Friday afternoon I called my mom.  She sounded horrible…with a capital H.  Clearly things weren’t going well.  She never complains about being sick and was on the verge of calling an ambulance because she didn’t want to be a bother to anyone.  WTH, right!?  Bother to anyone…please let us help you woman!

Fast forward to 7:30 we’re sitting in urgent care, she gets blood work done and we are top of the line priority to get seen.  This  a) freaked me out because if you get bumped up…something is WRONG.  b) I was alone with her and needed to keep it together  c)  was so shocked I was back in emergency within a week and a half with someone else.  It was felt like the universe was crapping down on me.  To sum up what’s going on, her white blood cell count is at ZERO!  Um…that’s insane.  So she’s on a cocktail of meds to bump up the number of her white blood cell count, and a couple of different antibiotics to help until they can determine what virus is attacking her body.  She pretty much has no defence mechanism in place to fight away anything due to her non existing white blood cells.

So my the bulk of my weekend view was another hospital bed in a room shared with 3 other patients. Although that said, we still had our friends over for dinner…I didn’t want to cancel because I needed one piece of normalcy in my life.  Call me crazy, but sometimes you need to do what you need to do.  I tagged out of the hospital for the evening, although my mind was always there.  Everyone told me I needed to get away for the night…they were right, but of course it wasn’t easy to stop worrying.

It’s hard to see your child, then your mother in a state of helplessness.  It feels like I have no concept of the date or time right now.  I’m working on a balance of running my own home, now with my parents – the nice thing is we have a lovely support system of family and friends who have all extended their arms for help.  But priority one is getting my mama healthy…then everything else can matter.  The good thing is, I do see progress, as slow as it may be she is improving.

Dinner Party, Please!

dinner postTomorrow night will be the first night in ages that we host dinner with another couple.  Between weekend commitments, going out to functions, tagging back and forth on who goes out with pals, and being just plain tired, I am super pumped that we have people coming over. The bathroom has never looked so damn clean..haha.

During the week, we eat typical meals .  A meal planner I am not, but I always have dinner ready for Chris and I every evening.  (With the odd tuna melt or grilled cheese thrown in there on crazy days). And, I’m a HUGE fan of meals that have leftovers – double win for me!  Truth be told though, we always end up eating standing in the kitchen while chatting about the day and coaxing Raisin to have “just one bite”.  So tomorrow will be kinda nice to have a table set, wine (and prosecco of course) being poured feely and chatting it up while actually SITTING down at our table for a meal.

Planning what to make/serve is the fun part.  Tomorrow I’m making my favourites.  If you want the EASIEST appetizer here is it.  People literally ask me for the recipe after the first bite.  This Kahlua-Pecan-Brown Sugar Baked Brie is beyond delicious. Yes, I just said Kahlua, Pecan, Brown Sugar eaten all at once with some Brie…you’re welcome.  And it looks amazing presentation wise if you’re into that sorta thing.

Having friends over means that after the appetizer, I bolt upstairs to give Raisin his bath and put him for down for bed.  This equals two things.  One, a nice little breather between the appetizer and dinner.  Two, Chris bar-tending and enjoying our friends – I’m sure it’s safe to say he doesn’t mind this job ;)

Which leads us to dinner.  I LOVE this Zucchini Ribbon Salad.  Fresh flavours, and a little toasted walnut in the mix – hellllo..I could eat a whole bowl of this stuff.  And of course the main entree.  This dish is a winner.  Again another one I make that people need the recipe for immediately.  Chicken Marbella. The nice thing about it is you prep it the night before so all the flavours absorb.  The you pop it in the oven for an hour.  The magic in this dish is the prunes – yes prunes.  It may seem odd, but it tastes AMAZING.  I usually serve it alongside veggies like green beans, and a rice pilaf.  Anything goes really.  If it’s just Chris and I eating it though, I buy a nice big baguette and we eat the Chicken on it’s own with the bread for sopping up all the amazing juices/gravy.

For dessert, our lovely guests are whipping something up.  I can’t wait for tomorrow night.  What’s better than good food, great friends, and a simple evening in your home?!  Happy Weekend all!  And in the spirit of Christmas coming, here’s one dinner scene that ALWAYS cracks me up.

Photo credit: 1/2/3

Good News Thursday: 6th Edition

goodnewsthursdayHello…you may remember me from such posts as:  My Guys, True Love, or even It’s the Great Pumpkin.  At least I hope you remember!  I haven’t forgotten about you, but truth be told…I had my ass handed to me in the exhaustion departement last week.  But good news…I’m (we’re all) slowly getting back into the groove of things!  Can I get a WOOOOT!?  And a nice glass of chilled something…anything!  The last week and a half has consisted pretty much of getting back into any kind of routine.  After the 2 day stay in the hospital, and then trying to make up work hours, after hours (we only get 2 sick days a year at my work place) has been a time soak.  Trying to make up those 18 missed hours has taken up the bulk of my evenings.

All that said, I can’t believe it’s only Thursday!  I honestly feel like I’ve missed out here well over a month…but the good news is…RAISIN IS BETTER!!! YAAAY!  I feel like that trumps anything else I can express.  I’d work every night if it meant not dealing with that again. Detailed post later, but I wanted to get back on here before anything else.  Miss you all, and I can’t thank you enough for all the well wishes.  I haven’t had a spare moment to respond to all your comments so here is one heart felt, mushy, you’re all so kind, your words meant so much – THANKS!!!  xo.  Hope you have some good news to share, I can sure work off any sorta positive energy these days :)


First trip to Children’s Emergency

er titleExhausted.  Tired.  Wiped out.  It just sorta sums up the last 24 hours.  Remember how I said we were experiencing the worst tummy ache in the world with Raisin?  Well it sorta escalated to a point of parental panic.  He started to get a fever, and then enter in shortness of breath, with the fastest heart beat you can imagine.  Chris and I just looked at each other and knew we weren’t comfortable with this situation and not knowing what was wrong.  This clearly wasn’t due to popcorn and this wasn’t normally how he reacts to being sick – it was a whole new and intense experience for all three of us.

If you’ve ever been to an emergency room, it’s pretty surreal.  One, it’s hard to believe you’re there, period.  Two, everyone there is in pretty bad shape.  Three, you’re bound to wait a decent amount of time unless you’re in worse shape than everyone else.  Enter doing this with children and it’s a whole different ball game.  The minutes feel like hours when you want help for your child.  It’s the worst.feeling.ever.  Hands down.

As soon as we arrived they checked Raisins vitals.  When they put that little clip thing on his finger (I have no idea what it’s called) a part of me broke down inside.  I said to the nurse, I’m totally going to cry.  She said, you’re in the right place – don’t worry.  And it sorta helped. Sorta.  And I knew she was right, but when it’s your little one in this position, all you want is a healthy, happy child.  It took every ounce of strength I had in me not to cry.  I didn’t want Raisin to see that energy and become more upset.  So I kept singing softly and calling him a good boy over, and over while hugging him…and saying mama’s here.  Let me just say Chris was amazing during all of this.  He prepared everything and then some for our first (and hopefully last ever) trip to the children’s e.r.  When you wanna talk about partnership, Saturday night was the true definition of what you do for each other…and today.  Let me tell ya the crummy feeling for Raisin didn’t stop after we left.  Just to report, he’s doing MUCH better now.  Still not himself, but better.

In short his fever, breathing and heartbeat all regulated within an hour we were there.  All they did was give him Children’s Tylenol.  Ask me why we didn’t do that at home, I couldn’t tell ya.  He just was reacting in a way that we didn’t even think to give him some.  We needed professional advice STAT.  Even though his breathing and heart rate seemed better we stayed and wait for someone to look at Raisin, and of course to be safe!  It took about 3 hours before we were seen, but I wanted to know all was okay.  It had nothing to do with overcoming pneumonia, which I was surprised to hear.  But, I guess with his immune system down and being around other sick kids means he just gets sick a little bit easier.  This guy has had a rough October.  Here’s hoping for a healthy November for him…and all of us for that matter.

The popcorn episode


Right now I’m watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, but rewind to 45 minutes ago and we were in full blown tummy ache toddler town.  Population: 1. Hooooooly moly, I’ve never experienced this with Raisin before!  Lets just say there were 2 solid hours of crying.  (insert super sad mama face here)

The scene of the crime: our annual NHL family Jets game we take Raisin to.  Right now we can only hit up a game that lands on a Saturday at 2 pm with Raisin given his nap schedule (FYI don’t mess with my nap schedule – it was a long road, and a massive accomplishment!). Moving on…you’d think the tummy ache would have been due to candy from Halloween or something, right?  But nope!  So not the case.  The culprit:  popcorn and a massive dose of water.  Who knew!?  This will be the first, and last time we ever give him popcorn – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so uncomfortable, ever.  He would sob my name over, and over, and over again.  Coupled with groaning, and grunting…my heart was breaking!  I’ve logged many hours on that glider in his room, and today we added another two hours straight.  And on top of his sore tummy, we still had to force a dose of antibiotics down his throat as he’s still has a few left from when he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Let me tell ya, a tummy ache, and giving a toddler medicine that tastes like feet for a previous illness, is not the loveliest combo for any parent.  Stating the obvious, yes I’m aware!

The saving grace here is that it’s daylight savings so we get an extra hour of sleep…so needed.  I’m sure Chris and I will be tag teaming the night to mend this little boys sore belly. Fingers are crossed for a smooth evening!

Just so ya know, before this popcorn fiasco, he REALLY did love the game.  The highlight – seeing the Zambonis!




collage octAnother month down everyone…and WHAT a month.  Is it just me, or is October pretty much one of the busiest times of the year!?  I swear, I felt like we were revving on all engines non-stop.  And on top of it all, we did battle through some pretty nasty germs.  Happy to report that were almost at 100%.  It’s been lingering around a lot longer than we want!

Clearly I lacked in the Instagramming department….ahh well, one of the downsides of not being in the iPhone world…or having a data plan on my phone.  I think if I did have data, I’d accomplish nothing throughout the day.

Aside from being sick, we did have some GREAT moments this month.  It kicked off with touring the Human Rights Museum, we went Pumpkin picking,  which steam rolled into outdoor decor, & pumpkin carving of course!  We did a few diy’s which you can read about here on flubber, and here, here, and here on halloween.  We baked, we went to the firehall, and of course there was LOTS of snuggles, love and TLC cause of Raisin’s nasty bought of pneumonia.   Have I mentioned I hate pneumonia, and want to smack it square in the nose?

Happy to see what November brings…not so happy about the dipping temperatures.  But I’m sorta ready for it.  I have the gear, just need the motivation to bundle up to get out there!  Hope everyone had an amazing month – lots to look forward to!  I can’t believe in 2 months we’ll be celebrating the coming of 2014!

p.s if you’re into instagramming, you can find me here!  I always follow back…it’s my night time ritual to cruise through everyone’s photos!

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Hanging Frames

titlenewThere’s something about putting a photo in a frame and hanging it up on a wall, isn’t there? A few weekends ago, we hit up IKEA and bought a WACK load of frames to do just that.  And guess what…they’re still in their plastic wrapping sitting in the office.  Shame, shame.  But I do need to ask for a little break here everyone!  We’ve been a sick household and are still on the mend.  So not a heck of a lot has been done with home improvements around here.

I always remember way back when we were house hunting, the first thing I was drawn to were the photos on the walls. Which photo was sitting in the frame?  What memory was so awesome they decided: this is what I want displayed and frozen in time on my wall.  I kinda sound like I was a creeper at these open houses now!  I swear, I’m so not!  Either way, what it did do, was it made me realize something…aside from not being a creeper that is.  It was that it’s the easiest way to spruce up any house is by hanging photos – well at least it helps with bare walls in my opinion.  And with affordable places like IKEA kicking around to purchase frames from – it makes me feel great about decorating for a minimum cost.

I love this idea for an office space with the track lighting set above.  Also digging the colour on that wall.

1 WALLThis would be fabulous for the kitchen/dining area.  My thoughts would be mixing photos with little Raisin’s artwork.


How great would this look in your entry hallway?  Statement wall much?  I think so!

3 WALLPinterest has tons of tips on how to hang frames as a wall collage.  This one in particular is pretty brilliant on testing out your layout.  And because I bought frames from IKEA, this tid-bit of info will save me some time AND future headaches!

I’m itching to put photos in my new frames, and have a project in store.  Any advice is welcome on getting these guys up!


DIY Goody Bags: Part 2


Remember these easy diy halloween bags I stamped awhile back?  Well that was just phase one.  I still had to find a way to assemble them and add a tag.  I’ve done something similar with Christmas goodie bags in the past, so this was a no brainer for halloween.  Plus I already had what I needed on hand.  The supplies: 1 Inch Scalloped Circle Punch, Hand Punch 1/8 circle, and some twine.

The one thing I wanted to have on the back of the goodie bag was a little note saying it was from Raisin.  I saved a halloween printable I found online last year, and I modified it by adding Raisins’ name to the bottom.  Then I simply printed it out, and then punched them out with my scalloped circle punch.

scallp punch

Then I just used a little bit of glue stick and stuck it right on the back of the baggie.  What’s a goodie bag with out goodies, right?!  So obviously the next step was to fill these guys up!  I bought a candy mold and made these mummies with candy melts and lollipop sticks.  And of course I also added some toys and stickers in the bag for fun!

treatsLast step was to assemble and close the goodie bags.  To do this, I folded the edge of the bag over once, and then punched two holes with the hand punch.  Then, I cut a bit of twine and looped them through the holes and tied a bow.  Simple as that.

bags assembled

I like the rustic look twine brings to the bag, but you could use ribbon, or anything else you can think of.  Of course, an easier solution if you’re tight on time is to use some fun halloween themed washi tape.

Tomorrow little Raisin will have his first halloween party at school, and give away his first set of halloween goodie bags to his buddies.  Happy halloween everyone!

bags assembled end